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Since 2017, donations to Year Group Bursaries have been invested in the BGS Bursary Fund, which operates as an endowment fund, with invested capital maintained in perpetuity. Income generated by the capital investment is utilised in accordance with DGR guidelines and drawn upon to offer needs-based bursaries.

Donors listed on the YGB pages below include Old Boys, who have supported their peer year, and parents, who have made voluntary contributions through school fees in 2017 and 2018. Information is based on Giving Data from the start of 2017 to the present.

Donations prior to 2017 are not recorded in the Bursary Fund totals; however, in 2012, 65 BGS Old Boys banded together to support an earlier iteration of the Year Group Bursary initiative where donated funds were drawn upon rather than invested. Please click here to read an article published in 2016 about the impact of these bursaries. Donors to these year group bursaries are named on the 1943, 1966, 1979/80, 1982 and 1985 pages.

Named bursaries have also been funded in perpetuity by generous bequestors and donors including Simon Fenwick ’87, the Heath-Huxley and Pullar families and two anonymous donors who funded an Indigenous Student Bursary and six partial bursaries respectively. 

If you note any errors or omissions, please contact Petrina Gilmore.

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