Working Together

A Philanthropic Community

Brisbane Grammar School today is largely the result of generous philanthropic commitments from members of the BGS Community over the past 150 years. Old Boys, parents (present and past), students, the P&F Association and industry partners have all generously committed to the School’s fundraising endeavours, helping to grow and reinforce the culture of philanthropy.

Students at the School are the beneficiaries of an art collection by Old Boy David Malouf AO '50. The collection includes 59 artworks by leading Australian artists, including works by well-known Indigenous artists.

Learn more about how philanthropy has shaped Brisbane Grammar School.

We hope you will consider joining this community in supporting the School’s vision for the future.

Leadership Gifts

Brisbane Grammar School would like to acknowledge the individuals that have cumulatively donated over $50,000 to various campaigns.

Mr David J Abernethy ’69
Mrs Sandi Abernethy

Mr John W Blaiklock ’27 *

Mr Andrew A Brice ’61 

Dr Bob Bryan AM ’52
Ms Judith Pyper

Mr Bill H Byth ’44
Mrs Valda Byth * 

Mr Athol D Crawford ’45 *

Mr Tim B I Crommelin ’65
Mrs Elaine Crommelin

Mr Bruce B Davidson ’82
Mrs Anna P Davidson

Mr Allan J Davies ’69
Mrs Lyn Davies

Dr Ian C Dickinson AM ’66
Mrs Margaret A Dickinson

Mr Simon J Fenwick ’87 

Dr Daryl S Holmes OBE ’81
Mrs Lisa G Holmes

Mr Peter S Huxley ’69
Mrs Lesley A Huxley AM

Mr Ken D MacDonald ’66

Mr Nick Mather ’74
Mrs Judy E Mather

Mr Matthew B McLennan ’86

Mr Doug Moffett ’42

Mr Geoffrey J Moles ’65
Mrs Jan Moles

Mr Chris A Morton ’73
Mrs Di J Morton

Sir John A S Pidgeon *

Mr Warwick K Power ’52

Mr Rob J Pullar
Mrs Bec A Pullar

Dr Graeme B Roberts ’45 *

Mr John L Rorke ’62
Mrs Ingrid E Rorke

Mr Bob J Sharpless
Mrs Belinda J Sharpless

Mr Will A Siganto
Mrs Louise M Siganto

Mr Howard L Stack ’62
Mrs Hilary Stack

Stack Family Foundation 

Mr John D Story AO ’63
Mrs Georgina Story

The Siganto Foundation

Dr Richard J W Theile ’82
Mrs Adele J Theile

Mr Peter J Thompson

Mrs Doris L Townsend *

Mr Norman H Traves ’39 *

Mr Richard S Vanstone ’67 

Dr David de Vaux Weedon AO ’59

Mr Mac Woolcock
Mrs Lucy Woolcock

Mr Keith C Woollam ’40 *

Mr James Lin
Mrs Judy Wu

Mr Steven D Zhang
Ms Cindy Shi