Our current Science Block is now 60 years old and while once state of the art is now outdated. For the School to remain leaders in education, it is critical we develop contemporary science facilities that will serve the School’s needs for the next 50 years.

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STEAM Precinct 

STEAM combines Scientific enquiry, with Technological manipulation, the problem-solving of Engineering, the creativity of the Arts, and Mathematical modelling to support a whole-of-brain approach to comprehension and understanding of the real world.

Initial estimates suggest the project will cost approximately $70M. To achieve our STEAM vision the School needs $10M in philanthropic support.

STEAM Precinct Facilities 

  • Specialist laboratories, for Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, will allow for more advanced and practical scientific enquiry than is currently possible.
  • Flexible Science, Maths, Technology, Design and Visual Art classrooms will accommodate co-teaching and co-learning.
  • Hands-on learning will be enriched through artistic and technological exploration, design prototypes and 3D printing.
  • Boys will have access to a specialised university standard dissection laboratory.
  • Boys will have the opportunity to design, make, and test prototypes in design labs.
  • A large, open atrium, an ‘Incubator’ space, will unify the various disciplines.
  • A 300-seat open auditorium will bring Science and the Arts together in a multidisciplinary theatre.
  • Boys will have the opportunity to showcase their projects, and experience learning as a shared activity.
  • Flexible learning areas will accommodate from 30 to 150 students, so boys can learn in individual classes or across cohorts.

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