1982 YGB

Give the gift of a BGS education

Together, we can provide boys with life-changing opportunities.

In 2012, 65 BGS Old Boys banded together to support an earlier iteration of the Year Group Bursary initiative where donated funds were drawn upon rather than invested.

Please click here to read an article published in 2016 about the impact of these bursaries.

Thank you to supportors of the initial 1982 Year Group Bursary

Bruce Baker

Benjamin Bopp

Scott Chapman

Bruce Davidson

Brett Halliday

Richard Kahler

Paul Lathouras

Ian Martin

Thomas Martin

Frazer Moss

John Peden

Christopher Shirley

Robert Sinnamon

Nigel Spork

Stephen St Baker

Richard Theile

Grenville Thynne

Warren Traves

Giles Worthington-Wilmer

Current Year Group Bursary Program

Since 2017, donations to Year Group Bursaries have been invested in the Bursary Fund, which operates as an endowment fund, with invested capital maintained in perpetuity. Interest generated by the capital investment is utilised in accordance with DGR guidelines and drawn upon to offer needs-based bursaries.

Year Group Bursary Program

Your gift will help us offer some form of needs-based bursarial support to up to 10% of the student population (eventually 170 boys). 

Pay it forward - pass on the privilege and opportunity of a BGS education to another boy. 

For more information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions

*All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference and are tax-deductible.

For more information about your Year Group Bursary, contact:

Inma Beaumont

Executive Director
Advancement and Community Relations
E inma.beaumont@brisbanegrammar.com
T +61 7 3834 5212

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal

Warren Traves


Rachel & Frazer Moss


David And Cathy Nash


James Morris & Caroline Tsen


Frazer & Rachel Moss


Warren Traves